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Hidden Phases - functionality

My company is trying to log "client travel time" (aka not consulting time) for projects as a separate phase for any given client project. That said, travel time wouldn't be logged too often and we have a preference to not have is show up automatically on staff's timesheets. I'd rather allocate the bank of hours to any project I set up and then instruct my team to look for the travel phase for that project only when they actually travel (which might only be for a few workshops within a 3 month process for example). So the ask here is to have an option where we can add phases to a project but basically make them "hidden" and only searchable as to not clutter anyone's timesheet on a week-to-week basis. This would really help us distinguish if we're pricing projects accurately and accounting for the right amount of travel budget without that budget interfering w/ the regular consulting hours.


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