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Mark Muenzen
Mark Muenzen ✭✭
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Is there a place to create and attach a process document on how to use all of the fields in my ss for my coworkers to view? I have created several sheets over the past few years and now I am moving to a new account. I want to create a process document that I can attach to each overall sheet on how to use each sheet. To be clear, the document i want to create/attach to the sheet is not specific to a single line, but rather the entire sheet. I am also not asking how to generate a document based on info in the fields of a row.



  • Peggy Parchert
    Peggy Parchert ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    @Mark Muenzen

    Hello! I created DEFINITION sheets for all my "important" sheets in Smartsheet so that others can review them for clarity and hopefully understand what I did.

    I put the link to the DEFINITION sheet as a Sheet Comment in each sheet. Each DEFINITION sheet is a Smartsheet that lists out all the columns in the sheet; defines the formulas and cross-reference sheets, Link In source sheet, Link out source sheet, and workflows. It is a little overkill (I know) but it is at least something to provide.

    Hope this helps.

    Thanks, -Peggy

  • @Peggy Parchert I think this should do the trick very well. Thank you!