can the calendar view show the sum of allocated time per person in each month


Hi Everyone,

I was wondering if what I have in mind is possible, maybe some one has an idea how to do this.

I would like to have a calendar where I can see the sum of allocated time per person in each month.

What I have right now is a report that pulls allocated time from several sheets (project plan below)

I can use the Summarize option in the report (prnt screen below) to get the sum, but that gives me a sum of allocation across the whole-time span between start &end date.

What I want is to have a break down by month, so that I can show that for ex Akshay is 100% allocated in months: Nov 22 through Jan 23 but later from Feb till Jul has 50% allocation. (calendar example below).

Is there a way that would allow the calendar view to show me separately each months with summed allocation for Matthew ?

Thank you very much in advance!

Have a lovely week!