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Request to add a Feature to bulk update the users first and last names in Smartsheet

I would like to request that the Smartsheet product team come up with a feature to bulk update users' first and last names in the User Management Console or in the Admin Center.

As a Smartsheet subscription admin from Red Hat, I tried to bulk update users who fail to enter their first and last names in their Smartsheet profile. However, I tried using the Import users to update the user's first and last names by entering all the details of what access they should have like a Free Collaborator or a Creator License or Creator License + Group Admin access thinking that it will overwrite their current profile details and update with the newly entered details but it didn't work every time it used to throw a message displaying  "Some Email Addresses are Restricted" which confirms the email address already exists in the Smartsheet organization plan, hence they cannot be imported (invited to join your organization) again.

I know and understand that there are other options too in User Management but those are to update the user's basic permission and premium apps permissions in bulk which doesn't allow us to bulk update user's first and last names either.

Therefore, requesting this feature if the Smartsheet product team can look into it and introduce it.

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