Academic Department Awards Nominations

I have been tasked with creating a summary of the awards that faculty, staff, and APPs can be nominated for each year. I have broken the awards down by Award Season (Winter, spring, fall, summer), Award Month (January-December), I have listed all the awards out as well. I also have outlined eligible nominees for each award. I will be creating a nomination form that individuals can submit their nominations on. I have a few questions though.

  1. Can I set up a SmartSheets form that based on the award season that a nominator selects, only applicable awards within that season populate? Also, can I create a form that if the nominator selects they will be nomination a faculty or APP that only applicable awards for those nominee types show up?
  2. I have all the faculty, APPs, and staff on separate sheets, is there a way to make the sheet that the nomination dumps into flag if someone is nominated for an award that they are not eligible for? For example, a Professor gets nominated for an award that is only for an assistant or associate professor?
  3. Is there a quick easy way to create a reminder notice 3-months in advance for each award ? So if the award nomination is due in January, nominations need to be made 3- month prior to ensure all applicable application materials are completed in time
  4. my current column titles include: Award Season, Award Month, Award, Eligible Nominees

Any tips/tricks/suggestions are welcomed/greatly appreciated.


  • Hollie Green
    Hollie Green ✭✭✭✭✭

    You can set up your form to only show certain options based on the answer. You would use the Logic in the forms. In your need it would require separate questions which means additional columns example for your Winter, Spring, Fall, and Summer

    You would have the question which season is the award for? set your logic When season is Fall then show the following fields

    Select the field you for your question about fall

    example What fall award are you nominating for

    Add another logic to the same question

    What spring award are you nominating for etc. until you get your logic set up for all the criteria you need with all of the questions you need to show under each category.