Why is this happening all of sudden?

Hi all,

I have had an automation set up (and working fine for quite some time) that copies a row to another sheet and then moves that row to a different sheet (Archive) when "send to Archive" is checked.

As stated, this workflow has been performing perfectly for several months. Nothing in the source or destination sheets has been changed.

Recently, the workflow has become invalid and will not run.

I receive the following error message in the workflow " There are too many cells referenced by formulas in this sheet. Please reduce the number of cells referenced by formulas."

When I attempt bypass the workflow (deactivate workflow) and then manually "Move to Another Sheet" or "Copy to Another Sheet" I get the same error message.

I appreciate any and all suggestions. I am probably overlooking something quite basic...but, this has been functioning perfectly for so long and now that it has suddenly given up the ghost has got me scratching my head...plus...it is Monday ;)




  • Hollie Green
    Hollie Green ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    It looks like your sheet has gotten too big for smartsheets to handle with formulas. What I have had to do is have my sheet with formulas to actually move rows (not copy) monthly to another sheet. When it moves it it gets rid of formulas and allows the sheet to be bigger than my original sheet with formulas. You will manually have to move some to get rid of the error.