Bridge Workflow - Runs with no Errors but doesn't copy data to column. Am I missing modules?

I have a Bridge Workflow that is set up to copy data from a row/column to the same row/different column. The workflow runs with all module steps "SUCCEDED". However, the end result is not copied in my Smartsheet's target column. Its blank.

Am I missing a module or module steps to complete the copy routine?


Here's a snapshot of my target Smartsheet. The workflow is supposed to copy the "FedEx Number" column's contents "This is test 8" to the column on the same row (row 1) named, "Copy of FedEx Number" column after it runs. So basically, after the Bridge workflow runs I am expecting "This is test 8" to be located on row 1s "FedEx Number" and "Copy of FedEx Number" columns.

Below is the Bridge workflow and modules that I included to perform the copying of data. The Smartsheet: Get Row and Junction Get Smartsheet Columns modules are supposed to retrieve the "FedEx Number" column's contents "This is test 8" from the Smartsheet above. Then the Update Column and Smartsheet: Update Column modules are supposed to paste the "This is a test 8" to the "Copy of FedEx Number" column after the job runs. However, after the job runs, the "Copy of FedEx Number" column has no data in it. Am I missing a module/s in my workflow?

Thank you,

Mike Tuccillo


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  • Genevieve P.
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    Hi @cabbsman

    It looks like you're using the Update Column module, which would update column properties (e.g. what elements appear in a dropdown list to select, or changing it to a Contact type of column).

    Instead, use Update Row (see here)

    You'll want to add the Data Reference from your Get Row call to input the Sheet and the same Row ID.

    Then under Cells, use the Key to identify the column and the Value can be pulled from the Run Log of your Get Row module.

    Let me know if that makes sense and works for you!