Streamlining Production Planning: How Smartsheet Integration Saves Time and Boosts Efficiency

Kaveri Vipat
Kaveri Vipat ✭✭✭✭✭✭

One of our clients faced the challenge of their planning team constantly needing to check a shared Google sheet throughout the day. The process of reviewing the data multiple times and manually updating the schedule was time-consuming and prone to errors. Missing any crucial information could potentially disrupt their planning and overall business operations.

To address this issue, we integrated the live Google sheet into Smartsheet using the data shuttle feature. This integration ensured that the data from the Google sheet was automatically updated in Smartsheet, considering all the necessary filters and conditions. The data shuttle functionality also checked for duplicate values and other relevant information before directly updating the Production planning sheet.

To achieve this integration, we created another Google sheet and utilized the Import Range formula to connect it with the live Google sheet. This Google sheet was then connected to Smartsheet to establish the data shuttle functionality. Through close collaboration with the planning team, we understood their specific requirements and determined the appropriate filter criteria for the data shuttle.

Once the data was successfully added to Smartsheet, we created an automation workflow. This workflow involved copying rows to the main Smartsheet if the product type matched a specific value and fulfilled other necessary conditions. Additionally, the automation workflow is monitored for any updates to the dates. If any changes occurred, the corresponding row was moved to another sheet, where the date was updated before being copied to the scheduling sheet.

Furthermore, we created a comprehensive report for the team, consolidating all the filtered data in one place. The report was grouped by the day of the month (DOM), making it easier for the team to visualize and schedule their planning accordingly.

By implementing this process, the team was able to manage their production planning Smartsheet more effectively and in real time. Instead of spending valuable time constantly checking the Google sheet, the team could invest their efforts in more productive work. The integration between Google Sheets and Smartsheet streamlined their planning workflow, reduced errors, and enhanced overall efficiency. The added report provided a consolidated view of the filtered data, facilitating better decision-making and scheduling.

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Kaveri Vipat

Senior Associate - Smartsheet Development, Ignatiuz Software

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