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Introduce DD/MM/YYYY date format in Update Requests and beyond


Number of countries in the world that use MM/DD/YYYY date format in red = 1

Number of countries in the world that use DD/MM/YYYY date format = A LOT MORE!

Could you please simply add the function that will allow us to send out update requests with the much more widely used and accepted date format of DD/MM/YYYY ?

I was wrongly advised under the assumption that my requests would go out with this DDMM if I changed my personal settings, this didnt happen and its caused my global network of contacts mass confusion over booking dates.

Please can you implement this.

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  • Colin B
    Colin B ✭✭✭

    Hoping that commenting will help improve visibility on this as I am US-based but have automations that send to colleagues in the EU and elsewhere. Would be lovely if the same date format is carried over from the sheet to the automated email.