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Secondary Email option for Community

I am a contractor, but this would not matter, as in general when you accept a job at a new company it is unlikely that you will be aware of what your new email is, let alone have access to it. I bring up this specific point as whether you quit, get fired, laid off, furloughed, or whatever else there is, the end result is you wind up at another company. You want to "take" your Smartsheet profile, along with all the conversations attached, and especially the badges, stars and points you have earned. Now based on what I have found out:

Now that post states the request to transfer your Profile must be initiated from the old account for security reasons. The issue is if I know when I will leave my current role, I could potentially do it, however I do NOT have access or even know my new email. And once I do have access and know my new email, I no longer have access to my old email account.

I propose that we are given the ability to add our personal email account (to Smartsheet Community). With this new ability during changing of jobs, we can request the profile change without compromising any security measures. Not to mention, it IS possible your next job does not use Smartsheet (or at least not yet), my last 4 companies didn't... I did not learn it until I started with my current company. This would give everyone the opportunity to transfer their profiles, and not lose anything.

Sherry Fox

Project Analyst | Core Quality Services (QMS Transformation)


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