DocuSign Integration: Logging in with alternative account


We're starting to use the DocuSign integrations since we've already been using it, and like the automation offered through Smartsheet. When I set up the DocuSign and created the two mappings we have for this project, I logged into my user account with DocuSign. However, I now realize that the envelopes are sending as myself instead of as our group. We have a DocuSign account set for a default mailer account to send documents like this one, but when I went to make a mapping and logged out of my DocuSign account in Smartsheet, upon clicking login it remembered my credentials and immediately logged back in as my user, without giving me the option to login as another user. Is there a way for me to be able to switch the DocuSign account I'm using for the mappings? I wouldn't mind having to redo the mappings as long as they're associated with the proper account. Thanks in advance


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @mflynn

    You should be able to sign out of the DocuSign account from the Document Builder mapping pop-up:

    If the login is remembering you, try revoking the Access Token from your Apps tab:

    This should enable you to log in as a different DocuSign account. However, yes, I believe you'll need to redo the mappings if you're using a new account. (Here's another thread where we discussed this!)

    Let me know if that helped 🙂