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Being able to give a new user the same sheet access permissions as an existing user

We utilize hundreds of sheets for across our 15 locations and every time we add a new team member, they must be manually given sheet permissions- which can be upwards of 50 sheets per person. I would love to have a way to provide a new user the same permissions as another user. It would be much quicker and would guarantee no sheet permissions are missed for the new user.

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  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Benjamin.Kurnat

    Thanks for posting your idea!

    Have you explored using Groups yet? If you share Smartsheet items to a Group of contacts, then all you would need to do is add a new email address / account to that Group and that account would be automatically shared across all the same items with the same permissions as the other members of the Group.

    Here's more information: Admin Center: Manage and use Smartsheet contact groups

    If this isn't an adequate solution, it would be helpful to know more details about your scenario and what you're missing with Groups.



  • Hello,

    We do use groups, but not all employees need access to all the sheets in our groups. In our largest program, for example, the handful of us who built, piloted, and now manage the program's sheets are part of the actual group. The majority of people who are using sheets in that group only need access to a handful of sheets, not the entire program- There is sensitive employee information contained throughout that needs access to be restricted.

    We could restructure everything into different groups, but that would be an absolutely massive undertaking.