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Easier way to share sheets to users in an "Assigned Too" or other contacts column


Hi Smartsheet Product Enhancement team!

I was wondering if there is a better way to share a sheet with a large audience that may appear in a contact column in the sheet (Assigned To: Columns)?

I understand the trick of copying the contact column cell and pasting it into the invite collaborators section on the Sheet Sharing page. However, this has issues in itself. I.e. if I have a sheet that is large and a user is listed in the "Assigned to" column more than once on different rows, typically you are met with an error message when pasting in the invite collaborators section as the number of recipients is over 100, but in reality, there may be only 15-20 different users.

My idea for the sheet-sharing page is to have the ability to share a sheet via a specific contact column on the sheet. From there you can grant the same user access to all contacts in the column. Then you have the ability to individually delete any users or change permissions for each user individually before actually sharing the sheet.

Thank you for taking a look at my product request.

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