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Document Builder - Add "Remain Fillable" options for fields


Currently if you generate a PDF using Document Generation, all mapped fields lose their "Fillable" status once the PDF is generated, even if the source cell from the Smartsheet is blank/null. It would be nice to be able to have a setting per field if it should "Remain Fillable" after generation so that it can be edited after being generated if necessary.

My anticipation would be 2 options: Remain Fillable, Do Not Remain Fillable.


Say I have a PDF with 5 fields mapped to Smartsheet columns: First Name, Last Name, Preferred Name, Interview Date, Interviewer Name

I'll always know the First Name and Last Name of the person being interviewed because that data comes pre-filled. Those can be set to "Do Not Remain Fillable" because those will always have data.

But the other three fields may change after generating the PDF. The Preferred Name may or may not exist if it was provided and if it is blank we would ask during the interview. So we would want to be able to change that. And the Interview Date and Interviewer name would always be provided in advance, but reschedules and absences happen so we may need to switch to another interviewer or change the date of the interview. So we would want those fillable so they can be adjusted on the fly if something happens.

Even if we could not set it on a per-field basis, it would be nice as an option for the entire document to be left as "fillable" rather than making it always unchangeable text after generation. 99 times out of 100 I'd rather be able to adjust data in the PDF on the fly without having to open it up in Adobe Acrobat and adding text boxes to where blank spaces are.

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