Smartsheet Editor needs to see if automated emails are getting sent back

I'm trying to use Smartsheet to replace a change request process we currently do with a form-fillable PDF that is emailed around, in this case by a department facilitator.

We want to combine all departments into one standardized process and Smartsheet. However, one of the complaints is in requesting approvals for the line-item request and how automated emails work.

I tried creating approval columns where the facilitator could input an email address to send that person an email requesting them to approve the change request. The issue they bring up to me is that if someone is out-of-office, the facilitator may not be aware since their automatic replies are probably being sent back to some Smartsheet email address and not their own. This, then, delays the approval process as the facilitator may end up waiting for someone who isn't present.

Is there a way for the facilitator to know if an "automatic reply/out of office" is sent back from the original automated approval email? Or is there a best practice I can implement so that the department facilitator can receive or be notified of any automated replies for that specific line-item request? Such as inputting their email somewhere so that any responses to a Smartsheet email goes back to them? Or is there another best practice I could do to better request approvals for a line-item, where the approvers are not known (the facilitator determines who to send the request to based on the context of the request and it could be any number of people at any number).



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    You could add a directory in which you can use cross-sheet formulas to check and collect who the contact is if something is one leave or similar.

    Make sense?

    Would that work/help?

    I hope that helps!

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