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Keep "Sheet Reference Manager" open after creating a new reference: create multiple references

Carson Penticuff
Carson Penticuff ✭✭✭✭✭✭

I often setup all of the cross sheet references from the Sheet Reference Manager before addressing any formulas. Currently, the reference manager closes after adding a new reference. If I am adding several references, this means right clicking on the sheet and selecting the reference manager again before creating each additional reference. It would be very beneficial to my workflow to keep the reference manager open after each addition.

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  • DeAnna Masterson

    It would be great to add functionality to allow users to open "edit references" and create and save more than one reference at a time.

    If I was able to create multiple references within a sheet at one time it would save me a lot of tedious work. The sheet I am currently working on requires four rules per column (3 from one 1 sheet, 2 from another) for 24+ columns. I have spent hours (not hyperbole) adding references one by one.