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Hi Community, 

We’re excited to announce improvements to the mapping step in Data Shuttle! Now when creating an Upload Workflow, you will have the ability to create and rename sheet columns from within the Data Shuttle workflow builder. 

Previously, if your target sheet was not set up correctly before starting the mapping process, you would need to navigate back to the sheet, make any necessary adjustments, and then restart the mapping process within Data Shuttle. Now you will be able to make these adjustments during the workflow building process, for a more streamlined experience.

Any columns added to the sheet during this mapping step can also be removed during the mapping process. These mapping changes will apply to both Data Shuttle workflows during their creation and also when editing workflows. You can learn more about how to build Data Shuttle upload workflows here.

Data Shuttle is available for licensed users on the Business plan, Enterprise plan, and/or Advance Silver/Gold/Platinum users. Learn more about Data Shuttle here

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