DataMesh Error: Request failed and Success with N/A

Stacey Mordarski
Stacey Mordarski ✭✭✭
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I have multiple data meshes that have been running successfully for a long time. In the past week I have been notified of scheduler errors and my meshes are not running.

When I check the activity log on the DataMesh I can see:

1) When the mesh failed due to server time out (image below, Error! an hour ago)

2) The attempt AFTER the failed attempt shows "Success" but all of the details are "N/A" which makes me think that none of the data actually pushed over (Success! 18 minutes ago)

What does the "N/A" mean and does anyone else find this misleading since the title says "Success!" but obviously it wasn't?


This is what a successful mesh should look like when none of the rows are affected:



  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hey @Stacey Mordarski

    Is there any possibility that your destination sheet is reaching the top-level row limits for a sheet in Smartsheet? See: System requirements and guidelines for using Smartsheet

    The initial Timeout Exceeded error sometimes happens on large sheets with lots of changes being processed. The second run that says Successful usually acts as a clean up run and finishes the remaining changes.

    I would recommend splitting the target sheet into multiple sheets, or if you can, enable the Mesh to run immediately (to make the quantity of changes smaller per run).