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Make some APIs available for interacting with Jira Connector Workflows

As a Jira administrator in an environment with 70+ Jira connector workflows, I'm concerned about all those workflows and associated webhooks within my Jira environment.

I would like to be able to automate the examination of all those workflows and identify the workflows that have had 0 updates, 0 creations, and 0 errors for a while or have not been executed at all in a long time.

This would allow me to start the retirement of workflows that are no longer needed.

Attempting to review this from the UI one at a time would be very time-consuming.

At the moment, there are no public APIs to interact with the Jira Connector workflows and their execution history. The only API that is tangentially relevant is the Smartsheet webhook API which only indicates when it was last called (lastCallbackAttempt).

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