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Aligning week number to financial year

Hiya, Asking this question again as I have still seen no solution here. In a gantt chart is it possible to align the week number with a financial year? In our business our financial year starts the first week of July - This however comes up as week 27, not week 1. Cheers

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  • MeganP
    MeganP ✭✭

    I'm pretty new to SS, but we also have FY starting July, have you tried editing Project Settings, Timeline Display, Start of Fiscal year to July? As I work over multiple FY's I set to Primary heading =Years, Display =FY2024; Secondary heading = Quarters, Display = Q2; Start of week = Monday: Start of Fiscal Year = July

  • Tony Slater
    Tony Slater ✭✭✭

    Hi MeganP,

    Have tried everything in the project settings. In fact I raised this initially waaay back in 2017, when we first started using Smartsheet, and it's been raised a few times since then. Quite disappointing that there has been absolutely no headway with this request in 5 years...