Resource Management - Way to Pull From Project's Metadata?


My team is looking into purchasing the resource management add-on and we are looking to create custom fields in the project to pull data from the metadata of a project. Is there a way to do this? I can create the custom fields in the blueprint but it doesn't seem to be connecting to anything so I have to manually input the data.


  • Genevieve P.

    Hey @Sarah123

    Can you provide a little more information on what it is you're looking to connect or sync? If I'm understanding you correctly, you're using Control Center and are looking to connect it with Resource Management.

    Resource plans in Resource Manager created via Control Center use values from the intake sheet, where the column name matches a field in your Resource plan. Here's the documentation for this: Review your intake sheet

    Are you saying that a column you've set up in your Control Center Intake Sheet is not populating a custom field in your Resource Management plan during creation? What custom field is it that you're looking to connect?



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  • Ian W Swanwick
    Ian W Swanwick ✭✭✭
    edited 03/05/24

    There isn't a direct connection (yet). I am working on a method to create an intermediate sheet that pulls data from the SCC Intake Sheet into columns with names that match the custom fields I have created for project tags. Example: A 'Project Number' custom field, when exported from Resource Manager into csv, requires a prefix added to the column name: 'CF_38032 Project Number'. The intermediate sheet spins out a report that can be viewed in Dynamic View. Dynamic View enables me to export the list as a csv file and which is then imported into Resource Manager using Settings/Account Settings/Project Import.

    If the project already exists in RM then it will have an RM-assigned project_id. If RM doesn't see this on a row it will ADD the project instead of updating it. This may cause duplicated entries under some circumstances so you may want to use the downloaded project list as the basis for your upload.

    Also, the exported csv file has to be opened and saved before Resource Manager will accept it. I suspect due to it needing to retain leading zeros. Still a work in progress but maybe this will help a little.

  • Ian W Swanwick

    Still looking at ways to simplify this without shuffling csv files. We have a project status field on our intake sheet that is included as a custom project field in RM. The value is passed to RM when Control Center provisions the project but it is not updated after that. This means the user has to manually update the project status in two different applications.