Dashboard enhancements to make them become a better tool

jrolon04 ✭✭
edited 08/07/23 in Smartsheet Basics

The dashboards are great with Smartsheet's but there a a couple of limiting factors that create a duplicate of data which creates more maintenance. I know it is supposed to be limited to one idea per post and the main idea is dashboards but there are sub topics to improve the dashboard....

(1) First off is to enhance the aspect ratio which would help in adjustment to fit the screen better. In other dashboard type tools I have seen settings for how many pixels wide you you want it. Height doesn't seem to be an issue as it keeps extending but the width is fixed which limits the viewing real-estate on the monitor. Making it adjustable would allow the client to choose how wide they want it to fill the screen better.

(2) Tabs.... tabs would be huge to cycle between different reports by just clicking a tab. Often times on the dashboard we want to see something multiple different ways. To do this I have had to make duplicate dashboards only changing one report then create a title as a button to flip to the other dashboard to view the data differently

(2b) addition to or alternative to tabs would be to display a Smartsheet and have the filters linked to a button. One dashboard we have is houses we are suppose to build for next week and it shows all the houses but if i want to see it by just one builder i have to build a second dashboard with just that builder and create a button to flip back and forth. A Button linked to a filter that just changes the data or the report it is looking at at least keeps the user on the same dashboard rather than multiple dashboard with a webpage style navigation for small report changes.

(3) Introduce send as attachment to dashboards, especially the schedule feature. The dashboard features and functionality's are amazing, real time data, but there is no backup of the data to see what changed on the dashboard from last week. It would be a great feature to be able to auto send out the dashboard once a week as a snapshot to be able to see the differences and realize the changes