more than 1 resource assigned to a task

Louis Gaudet
edited 08/10/23 in Resource Management

When there is more than 1 resource assigned to a task (Ex: 2 people) and change in RM the percentage of allocation of Resource number 1 , it automatically set the same percentage of allocation to the second ressource. How can we differenciate the specific allocation distinctively other than having to create a second liner in SmartSheet to separate this allocation


  • IsaacS
    IsaacS ✭✭✭
    edited 08/11/23

    Hi @Louis Gaudet — I understand not wanting to create a second line for a single task. But I believe it creates a worse problem to assign two people to the same task, because:

    1) the reason Smartsheet is changing the allocation to match both is that it thinks both people are allocated at "50%" for example, which equals 1.0 FTE.

    2) Changing the allocation to "25%" but leaving both people there will allocate them both, equaling 0.5 FTE

    For this reason, the best approach— to both keep your project plan clear and your resourcing plan accurate— would be to create a second row for the second person: either naming the rows "Joe's work" and "Jenny's work" or "task A" and "task k" B, then assign Joe to one row and Jenny to the other, at their true and fair allocation %s.

    Hope this helps.

  • Louis Gaudet

    The proposed approach would be OK in the situation that there is only a few resources assigned but certainly not ideal when dealing with multiple resources