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Autofilling Columns on different sheets

Is there any way to auto fill columns on different sheets. We run hundreds of events a year and it would be great if when we add an event the name of the event and other details are automatically added to our various staff members sheets without us having to send them all a memo of a new event to add. 




  • JamesR
    JamesR ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    I have reciently created a siilar system for an organisation.

    I created a master sheet and in the is it was decided on this occassion that the number of events a year would be 15.


    I then created 8 departmental sheets again with 15 events in each.  These were hierarchies and the sub rows were budget items for the event.


    I then Linked the 15 EventID fields in the master to the 15 EventID fields in each of the Departmental sheets.


    Now when the Event coordinator enters an ID in the Master this is replicated into the respective event in each of the department sheets.  This was only 1 field and only 15 events but was worth doing the design and build for.  so for Hundreds it would also pay.  Be aware there is a limit of I believe 5000 linked cells in a sheet

  • Travis
    Travis Employee


    Do you want to link cells to multiple sheets or will copying the data be sufficient? Zapier.com uses our API to perform automated actions. You could set up a Zap that can be triggered by adding a new row or updating a row and can copy the contents of that row to another sheet. Check out www.zapier.com for more information. 

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