Email being sent before Approval Request is answered?


I've set up automations based off of the type of request, division, division head, etc. The automation. The Trigger is when rows are added and when the Type of Request (in this case) is a PO, there is a stacked condition of when the Division is "Admin" and where the Contract is "No"

When these conditions are met the Approval request is to be sent to that Division's Head. If it is approved it should go to our Fiscal Dept letting them know to start the process but if it is declined it should inform the Project Manager that they need to resubmit with additional info.

My issue is that this is all well and good EXCEPT that the Fiscal Dept has received these emails PRIOR to the Approval coming in from the Division Head. Also, it appears that multiples of the same email are being sent? Anyone have an idea on how to prevent this?



  • Samuel Mueller
    Samuel Mueller Overachievers

    @Lynn.McEnaney This may work, but I haven't confirmed. Add a condition between the approval and the alert based on the value in the column "Approval by Division Head" on both the approved and denied actions.

    It seems like an error in the automation if they are getting the email before a decision is made in the approval workflow