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Determining if a task can start based on predecessor status


I would like a way — without using multiple formulas and additional columns — to indicate that all predecessors are complete and a task can begin.

Right now I have "past due" reports that are outrageous, but in most cases it's because a predecessor task has not been completed (and therefore the work cannot even start).

(And yes, I realize some of this is schedule maintenance, but having an easy way to determine if the predecessor is complete from a report view is key.)

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  • sbrittin2
    sbrittin2 ✭✭✭
    edited 08/30/23

    I've been searching through the Community to find a way to indicate that a predecessor is complete—both for reporting and for indicating that the next task can start. However, all of the solutions I found require multiple helper columns, extensive formulas, and frequently don't work if the predecessor is anything besides FS.

    Though I do appreciate all of the work folks have done over the years to try to find a workaround(!), it would be excellent if Smartsheet had a built-in solution to this problem.

  • malden
    malden ✭✭

    I agree, we need this feature.