Validation on Dates and or other data


We are trying to create a vehicle reservation form, we currently have 3 vehicles.


A user submits a form to reserve one of the three vehicles. They select a date range. Click on all day or duration if it's half day.

The administrator of the vehicles will then get the request and determine what's available. The admin would then select one of the three vehicles to reserve it for that user.


(in testing phase) when the first user submits the form and selects, all day and date range, the calendar that was created in the dashboard populates the name and the date range w/out an admin selecting which vehicle, when a second colleague selects the same date the calendar auto populates the name and the date again, w/out the admin selecting the vehicle.

Any help would be appreciated :)


  • Kyle Walker
    Kyle Walker ✭✭✭✭

    what if the form submitted to one sheet and an automation would move or copy it to the sheet with the calendar after the additional information is added?

  • Hi @Kyle Walker I am not sure I understand, sorry. Can you elaborate please. thanks.

  • Kyle Walker
    Kyle Walker ✭✭✭✭

    You are concerned that the requests are showing up in the calendar before approval is complete, if I understand correctly. You could have the calendar tied to one sheet and the form tied to a separate sheet. When users submit their request through the form it would show up on the sheet tied to it but not automatically pop up on the calendar. Then you could do what ever process you need to do to confirm availability and select a vehicle and then an automation could be setup that when vehicle is assigned, the system copies that row to the sheet tied to the calendar and it becomes visible.

  • @Kyle Walker so how do you not allow it to automatically pop up on the calendar? (sorry noob here :) )

  • Kyle Walker
    Kyle Walker ✭✭✭✭

    The calendar is really just a view of the information on the sheet, therefore when they add a request and you are outputting that sheet as a calendar those new rows are added as new calendar items. That’s why I suggested the superset sheet tied to the calendar.

  • @Kyle Walker sorry we've been trying, but no success. We have one dashboard that has the calendar. Then one form that has one sheet and we have another sheet. When the form gets submitted it goes to our "requests" sheet than we have connected that sheet to our "approval" sheet. What do we do from there? (or is this whole thing just wrong)

  • I think we got it working, but now the question is when the duration dates are sent over to the approval report the calendar gets updated and it appears that it likes only date field and nothing else. Thoughts?

  • Kyle Walker
    Kyle Walker ✭✭✭✭

    When you created the approved sheet are the columns formatted correctly? Date fields will need to be set as such in order for the calendar to recognize them.

  • Yes, the calendar does recognize it, but we don't want the calendar to update automatically. Until we tell it to. We don't want the user to think they have been approved for a vehicle if the calendar displays their name right away.