Workflow Automation for a 2-week notice email

Hello All. I have a sheet that has staff name and their term date. I want Smartsheet to look at this sheet daily and send an email to HRC with details of staff whose term date is 14 days from now. to do that I originally configured trigger to two weeks before notification date and set my other two conditions but then Smartsheet sent the list of all so I realized I needed a condition. now I created two helper columns in my sheet. one of them tells me what 2 weeks before the notification date is and the other help column tell me if today is equal to the day from the previous column. if it is and is time, then it gives me a 1. I have then added a condition to only send email to the ones that show 1 in that column. as for the trigger I removed it and am now asking it to run daily not even bringing notification day to the trigger equation. Is there a way to make this easier? is there a way to set the trigger to run based on term date and also send the details of those whose term date is 14 days from today? Thanks @Paul Newcome @Andrée Starå @Itai


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