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"Show More" option for cells with long wrapped text

Tim Starkey
Tim Starkey ✭✭✭✭✭

Request: When cells have long wrapped text that have more than 3 (or 5...) lines, truncate the rest and provide a "show more..." link to expand the rest of the text. This will greatly compress sheets and rows that contain longer text.


goes to

Comments: I am aware that I do not need to wrap text, and that will compress the rows. However, for our use case, it is helpful to see the actual text, and any formatting (returns) in the text. We are not sorting or searching for this cell text, rather using the other short info cells. but once we find the project/task/row, want to be able to read the text easily in wrapped form.

Also aware that this could be placed in the conversations section, but that limits the functionality compared to in cell text.

Note: Some may not like this, so the ability to toggle this truncation per sheet or at an account level would be good.

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