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Backspace Functionality on Contact Object


Personally, I am infallible and have no need to remove a single character that I have ever written. However, I am assuming the rest of your users may misspell a name on occasion, or perhaps misplace a '.' in an email address on occasion. For those unfortunate individuals that fall victim to their own imperfection, the ability to delete said error via the backspace key may be very handy.

This sort of cutting edge functionality is not something I usually share without a consultative fee, but I am feeling extra generous today. So this one is for free.

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  • Francisco
    Francisco ✭✭✭✭
    edited 09/19/23

    @Jessica H - I've encountered this issue as well. Upon typing out the person's email, I'm unable to backspace. It works as expected about 30% of the time, which makes the problem difficult to replicate. Hoping this can be resolved quickly!

    To clarify - this occurs when navigating the following:

    1. User logo
    2. "My Smartsheet Contacts..."
    3. Add contact (this form field seems to prevent back-space functionality about 70% of the time)
    4. The issue was replicated in both the web and app versions of Smartsheet. At the time of writing this comment, the issue has not persisted for me but is occurring across the organization (seen on screen and replicated personally).
  • Jay Kimbrell
    Jay Kimbrell ✭✭
    edited 09/26/23

    Ok. This is NOT funny anymore. Earlier the backspace key did not work when entering an email in contacts list. Now when trying to add a contact the J, S and Space keys are not working in the name field even though they worked earlier today. Anybody found a fix. I'm accessing contacts as described by Francisco. "ohnmith" is not going to like his username. Kind of makes the app unusable.

  • Melissa Bosi
    Melissa Bosi ✭✭✭✭

    I am having the same issue!!!!

  • Robert H

    Yup! Having the same issue. Can correct my typos. I have to perfect and not make mistakes. Otherwise, I have to completely close out and restart.

  • Miami_Fins
    Miami_Fins ✭✭
    edited 12/05/23

    Have same issue but unlike others it has never let me delete. 100% duplicatable for me. This seems to happen in other areas too. I cannot use the delete key in Notifications when added contacts by starting to spell their name. Very frustrating. 😤

    To add additional details, this issue seems to be caused by the program not recognizing your cursor as in the Contacts pop-up screen but as in the sheet behind the pop-up screen. I have noticed my cursor moving in the background and believe I have deleted cell content in the back ground too.

  • Bob Kelly
    Bob Kelly ✭✭
    edited 01/09/24

    This is not just an issue with Backspace for me. Many times I can not add a Space between characters and the Delete key does not work either. (I have had success with delete and space on occasion, but no pattern seen yet.) This appears to only happen when I have a sheet open also. If I close all sheets, I can add/edit contacts w/o issue.

    When I have a sheet open and when to move my cursor between letters and hit space, it actually adds/removes a checkbox in the grid row I happen to have in the background. It toggles on/off with each press of space.

    I don't recall this happening frequently prior to a few weeks ago. It is happing all the time now.

    The screenshot below is an example. I typed dandan, and want to add a space between the two. I can't use backspace so I move the cursor with the mouse between dan and dan, then hitting space checks or unchecks the box highighted with each press of the space key.

  • BStickley
    BStickley ✭✭✭

    This is a problem in the web version and also the Window App. Any solutions?

    Brad Stickley

    Sr Project Manager Exceptional People, Compelling Solutions

  • Warren D
    Warren D ✭✭✭

    I've just experienced this. The backspace and delete keys both do nothing. I thought I was losing my mind.