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Removing overlapping assignments in RM should have cleaner implications in Smartsheet


Currently, if you go to Schedule view and add a task for a resource over existing tasks, select the Allocation in the hover menu for the new task and select 'Remove Overlapping Assignments', it will create a schedule block for that one task where no other tasks happen concurrently. Problem is, for each of those other project tasks, the Smartsheet will create new rows in the source sheets with a new set of dates either before or after that schedule block through the previously set end-date (or multiple rows), which will exaggerate the allocation for the tasks back in RM. One of the most common instances where the issue arises is when you want to enter an extended leave on behalf of a resource. If it is going to create a new row for you, it should at least do the time splitting correctly. It is troubling enough that the row has to be added at the bottom, far away from the task it was duplicated from.

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