Smartsheets for Meeting Notes

I am exploring options for our Project Management team to consolidate applications. One area that I've seen as a gap with Smartsheets is using it for meeting minutes. We currently use OneNote for internal and external facing project notes, status reports, and storing important project emails.

I am curious if anyone has used Smartsheets to serve this purpose instead. Would like to hear more about your experience if you have.

Thanks in advance.


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    Hi @JeffV

    I hope you're well and safe!

    Smartsheet works great for meeting notes and similar.

    Have you explored the templates available in the Solution Center?

    Would that work/help?

    I hope that helps!

    Be safe, and have a fantastic week!


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  • aurea
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    We're in the same boat. We use OneNote for all meeting tracking but are trying to move to Smartsheets due to the automation capabilities.

    I started playing with the Meeting Management app, but it lacks some necessary functionality that I still haven't found a way to duplicate.

    1) Tracking meeting attendance. We don't want to provide accounts to everyone simply because they attended a meeting.

    2) Distribution of the meeting minutes. Due to the lack of attendee tracking, sending out the minutes becomes cumbersome and a very manual task prone to human error.

    3) Email of the meeting minutes. I am still trying to figure out an easy way to distribute. I know that you can email out a report as an attachment, but as we all know, the more clicks the user has to take, the less likely they are to read the email. I'd like for the table of items to be populated in the email body.

    Curious if other users have found creative workarounds?

  • We drive our status meetings through a RAID issue tracker I maintain in Smartsheets so updates are tied to the various project issues. I maintain primary status flags (due date, issue type, current owner, next step, customer prioirty, etc.) as columns and update them realtime during the call. I use the Comments section for arbitrary updates and to maintain a issue tracking history - very similar to Jira for development history.

    That all works great and gives me an issue level view at any time for status level issues. What's missing is the concept of meeting minutes since updates are embedded within the smartsheet and scattered throughout. Notes works great for meeting minutes but as the the project manager, I'm busy driving the group coversation and updating the RAID to track at the issue level. so it's difficult to also capture meeting minutes in a distributable form. This comes up as an issue with escalations as non-core team members needs to be updated on curent issues/status and when certain decisions where made - which meeting minutes are good are sharing.

    Ideally - I'd have a second team member take the meeting minutes realttime - but the "best" solution I've come up with as a single meeting owner is to use my Smartsheet RAID for managing the agenda, Notes for capturing the minutes and then updating the RAID from the minutes after the fact.

    Hope that helps!!