Drop Down List not populating (Mobile Version)


Hello i have a quick question and was wondering if anyone was experiencing similar issues and have found a work around. I put together a checklist for our MHE and would like to post a QR code to the Smartsheet around our facility. The issue i am experiencing is one of my columns with a drop down box is not populating on a mobile device through web-view. If possible i do not want to make 100s of employees download Smartsheet just to fill out a digital MHE checklist. All of my other drop downs are working properly besides the "List any Defects" column. For this column i have 16 options for the drop down. Is this too many for a mobile view to handle? If i were to have all our employees install the app would it then work?


  • Genevieve P.

    Hey @Donovan Collier

    I haven't been able to replicate what you're seeing: as long as the column is populated with the dropdown options, they appear for me when I go to edit a row via mobile, on the Mobile App or through a Browser App (I'm on an iOS).

    Is it possible that the column has dropdown options because cells have been filled out, but the column itself doesn't have these items listed in its Column Properties? (Double click the column name.)



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