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Using reports to create Totals

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Hi I am pretty new to Smart Sheet and have mainly used it for Project Plans so far. I am now looking at using it for forecasting for delivery consultants. I have created a sheet and form for them to enter forecasting for delivery for a particular customer in a given month. I would however like to be able to create a overview report which shows how much (£) delivery is expected in that by month and also provide totals for each consultant. I am happy to do this via another sheet or report whichever is better. Any help would be appreciated as I am having trouble when using a report in grouping values by consultant to give totals


please let me know if you need more information / screenshots etc


  • Shaine Greenwood

    Hi Mark—

    You'll need to create functions that sum your totals. You can use the SUMIF function to conditionally sum items, if needed. Here's our list of functions in Smartsheet: https://help.smartsheet.com/functions

    After you have the totals calculated on your sheet for each person, you can create a report that brings the rows in by name, or create a checkbox column on your sheet, check the boxes of the "totals" rows and use that is criteria to bring them into the report. Details on setting report criteria are available in the Creating Reports article.

  • dean52756

    We have a dozen current projects, all in a Workspace named [Projects].  We have a column with a anticipated revenue that is triggered at milestones.  This feeds into a report that gives us timing/amount of booked revenue.  We also have a Gantt Report showing the timing of the production phase all projects in the Workspace - this works great and has been very helpful for the 123 months that we have been using it.  I would like to total the revenue for each Project and show it next to the Project Name in the Gantt.  HOW?

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