Can I make a Line Graph for a 31 day month?


I am trying to create a line graph for every day of the month where it shows the dollar amount shipped. I am trying to visualize the days across the X-axis and the dollars amounts throughout the month on the Y-axis. I want this to be a working sheet where I am able to change this daily/monthly and post up the for others to see.

I have tried putting mock numbers in with 31 days. However, I am still learning smartsheets.



  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin
    edited 10/03/23

    Hi @Robert.Huston

    Yes this is possible! 🙂

    What I would personally do is create a Report from your sheet (or sheets) so that you can easily just change the filter criteria in the Report to display the date range you want in the Chart.

    Then make sure you have two columns: your Date column on the left (x-axis) and your dollar/value column on the right (y-axis)

    You can select a Report as the source for a chart. Then remove out any columns you don't need (in my case, I don't care about the Sheet Name column):