How to rank dates


Hi, I could not find any posts regarding this.

Basically, I am making a sheet for managing projects where, for each task, there is multiple gates (step 1, step2, etc.) which have multiple dates (actual advancement date, baseline [first estimate], forecast [estimate based on actual advancement] and planned [ updated estimate if the forecast is too far behind the baseline]).

I want to have a cell that returns the baseline gate (which gate we should be at) based on a date (Called Schedule_Planning_Date).

The solution I tought of was ranking the value of the schedule planning date (S_P_D)in the range of baseline gates.

so if S_P_D = 2023-10-4, baseline step 1 is 2023-09-12 and baseline step 2 is 2023-11-20, Baseline Gate would be ranked 2nd in that range, wich combined with an index formula, would return Step 2, wich means that on the S_P_D, according to the baseline, we should be working on step 2.

I will add screenshots in the comments.

Thank you in advance:)


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