Search Sheet SMartsheet Api not finding values

I am developing a Power Automate workflow that needs to search a sheet for particular values. I used the "query" portion to search for a "Project Name", "User", "Date of Entry", and "Phase" however, it will not produce any results. Testing further, I can get the search to work for "Project Name" and "User" but the "Date of Entry" (is of type date) and the "Phase" (is of type text) column values will not produce results.

*This is the sheet I am pulling data from, clearly there is the relevant data there for the query to match to.

This is the query for the full run {

  "query": "\"Jason Okano\",\"Project Name\",\"2023-10-09\", \"1-Discovery\""


(Note this is Power Automates Notation)

Also, I ran the API through Postman and received the same feedback as my testing in Power Automate. I tried deleting the problematic columns and readded, but it did not fix the issue. In addition, I tried removing the "" for a more general search and did not work.

*This was just testing the isolated "Phase" column value in postman.

Any info or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.