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Dashboard Flow Chart Wizard


We need to have a Flow Chart Widget for the dashboard!

I acquired the role of Smartsheet Product owner earlier this year. As our Smartsheet "Solutioneer" I build many solutions to help bridge gaps in processes for various teams such as compliance, product, operations etc. Those that managed our Smartsheet prior to really never documented much about any solutions that were built. As our solutions become more complex I have started developing a "Smartsheet Solutions" Solution Template. Included in each solution going forward we have an "About this Solution" Dashboard. THANKS SMARTSHEET your Setup Dashboards used in templates gave me an idea of where to start!! Smartsheet Setup Dashboards have an AMAZING flow chart under How Does It Work. I would love to use this in our About this Solution Dashboard and NOT have to build it in other software then display the image. How about adding the ability to create a flow chart!!!

I love the look and feel of this!


Sr. Business Analysts / Smartsheet Solutions

National Pharmacy Services | Genoa Healthcare

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