Move row automation not working (moving additional rows not part of automation)

Hoping for help with the simple "move row" automation. I am attempting to move rows from Master Sheet to Sheet A. I have selected extremely simple criteria (see images)

What is happening instead is random rows are moving with the automation. My criteria to move is drop down menu option = DROPPED. But what is happening is some rows labeled DROPPED, YES, and NO are moving - but only some rows move, not all of them!

When I make copies of the sheets, the same automation failure occurs. When I change the criteria for moving rows (i.e. I pick a different column criteria), the same automation fails. When I remove sharing or add sharing for all the same recipients, the same automation fails.

I am truly stumped and have never had move row automations fail repeatedly like this. I wish I could redo the sheet, but it's 500 rows of data, all with attachments, and the data is available to critical stakeholders (aka I cannot take the sheet offline). Help!


Step 1a = the move row automation

Step 1b = the move row automation with my criteria selected (DROPPED)

Step 2 = the resulting, failed automation - you can see rows with DROPPED, NO, and YES all moved regardless of the automation criteria.



  • Tim C
    Tim C ✭✭✭✭✭

    Sometimes putting a filter condition in to only include the dropped rows will fix it. Don't know why that happens but it might be worth a try?

  • annah
    annah ✭✭✭

    Hi Tim, unfortunately the filtering option only works initially. Once I remove the filtered condition, the incorrect rows move via the automation. I've never had a move rows automation fail repeatedly like this before...!