Dynamic View link to dashboard?


I have set up a dashboard for employees to access important links, reports, etc. Each employee has a unique link set up to show their certifications. We have these links captured on a sheet, and each one is assigned to an employee, which can be viewed as Current User.

I set up both a Dynamic View and a Report filtered by Current User to capture these individual links, but when I add to the dashboard, it links to the Dynamic View or the Report, which then has the link. It's an extra click, it looks sloppy, and it takes employees away from the dashboard.

Is there a way to include just the dynamic link itself on a dashboard? (Not just the url to the Dynamic View or Report)


  • Erin Kim
    Erin Kim ✭✭✭✭✭

    @amy_ilearning To be clear: Are you having issues with users attempting to access the hyperlink that houses their certifications (that are currently listed on the dashboard within a report/dynamic view).

    Possible issue: Sounds like your widget behavior setting might be set to "Open source".

    Workflow (if I understand the problem correctly):

    1- Ensure your links on your underlaying sheets are true hyperlinks (highlighted blue)

    2- Create your report by current user etc.

    2- Place the the report on your dashboard, (widget behavior set to "take no action" ) users should be able to click the hyperlink and be taken to where the link is pointing without opening the report first then going to the hyperlink. If that makes sense?

  • amy_ilearning

    Basically I had everything set up the way you described above. I tried changing widget behavior to "take no action" but then it didn't do anything at all when I clicked it. The only thing housed in the report is a url that is unique to each current user. I'd love it if clicking Certification Status below would take them directly to the url and not just open the report (or do nothing).