Create a Column =Original sheet name ?

Anna.Morello ✭✭
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I have made a "Complete sheet" where I am using automated workflow (Move to another sheet when Status= Complete) to compile all my completed tasks from a few other sheets. I would like to sort them in the new sheet by which sheet they came from. As an example, I work on a few different segments- Hospitality, Builder, etc. so these are the names of my sheets. Is there a way to create a column in the new sheet, that populates the row with the sheet name of where is came from? (Column would say "Hospitality, Builder, etc)



  • Kelly P.
    Kelly P. ✭✭✭✭✭✭


    The easiest approach would be to add a column called "Source" to each of your other sheets. Populate the entire column in each sheet with its location (e.g., every row in the "Source" column within the Hospitality sheet would say "Hospitality" and every row in the "Source" column within the Builder sheet would say "Builder.") After these new columns are in place, the first time a row is moved from any sheet, the "Source" column will appear in your Complete sheet. Then you can sort rows on the "Source" column in the Complete sheet.

    Hope this helps!