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Set Uniform Column Widths


Excel has a feature where you can select multiple columns at once and then right click to set a specific column width. I would love to see a feature in Smartsheet that allows this as well - especially in a sheet with a lot of columns, it is frustrating to have to go through and individually modify the width of each one, especially when there is no way to ensure they're each being adjusted to be identical/similar in width. Thanks!

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  • Genevieve P.

    Hey @Lauren Dominique

    If the columns are next to each other, you can actually select multiple at once and adjust the width of one of the columns to adjust them all to be the same!

    For example, if I select all these at once:

    Then I can hover over the end column to either drag out or drag in the column width, which will impact all of the selected columns at one time:

    So if your columns are random widths you can make them uniform. Let me know if this resolves your request or not!



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