Can I choose a date range for downloading a calendar into pdf?

I send out a calendar pdf from the calendar launcher app each week. I want to be able to have this pdf display the next 3 weeks. However when I download as a pdf it only downloads the current month. So for instance October 27th I need to send the next 3 week lookahead. As it sits now I need to download two pdfs, one for October and one for November to show the next 3 weeks.



  • Hamza1
    Hamza1 Moderator

    Hi @JakeMote,

    Could you kindly provide screenshots of your Calendar set up and what view you’re trying to download as a PDF e.g. Month, Week? Cover any sensitive data. Also you may consider downloading the PDF using the Week view so more dates appear in the following month. See the following screenshot for reference.



  • This is the preferred view. We like to see it in a view that looks like a calendar. The week view is too messy with the different foremen and the different locations etc. But as you can see when I am trying to look at 3 weeks at a time at the end of the month i would have to download a pdf for October and another one for November.