INDEX/MATCH vs. VLOOKUP between two sheets


I have two sheets with identical columns - Market Name and Organization Name. I'm using dropdowns in these columns since I have external folks reporting into a form and I want the names to match across my entire workspace.

I want to copy Organization Name from one sheet to the other, and match on the Market Name. I feel like this should be simple, but I've tried using VLOOKUP and INDEX/MATCH and I am having trouble getting either to work. I use VLOOKUP in excel frequently but I think I'm missing something here in Smartsheet. Based on other similar threads, it also seems like INDEX/MATCH might be the better way to go. Screen shots below for reference.

Sheet 1 (where I want to put the formula in the Organization Name column). This is currently filled in with made up sample information, but eventually will have lots of rows of data from all of the organizations I work with.

Sheet 2 (I want to pull the Organization name from this sheet, matched on Market Name)



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    Hi @MalloryWatson ,

    You can get the organization name using Index/Match. Your formula would be =INDEX({Organization Name from sheet 2}, MATCH([Market Name]@row, {Market Name from sheet 2}, 0).

    You should click on the "Reference Another Sheet" link to select the sheet 2 columns for index and match. The curly brackets refer to cross sheet references. You can name it in any way, the formula above is just an example.


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