Filter rows under parent row?


Good afternoon, I was wondering if it was possible to filter rows submitted by a form depending on a priority. For example I have 3 parent Rows that are High, Medium, and Low priority. If a new issue is submitted via the form for a High Priority. Have it automatically sort under the High Priority Parent Row? As of right now it just goes to the next available row, which makes it look like its filtered under a low priority.

I tried using the following formula but as you can see its not correct.

=PARENT([Issue@row], [Priority@row])


  • Josh Reed
    Josh Reed ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi Christian!

    I'm interested to see what others have to say but AFAIK you cannot automate any kind of row movement within a sheet, other than having new rows be added to either the top or the bottom. Even if you move a row to another sheet and back again, it would still just populate at the top or the bottom.

    You could have new rows come in at the top and they would be outside of your hierarchy system altogether as their own parent rows... you could have prioritization decided for you based on formulas or have the form submitter elect a priority from a drop down and then move the row under the appropriate parent manually after the fact.

    Or find new ways to organize your prioritizations... You could sort by priority instead of dropping them into hierarchy. For example in the dropdown menu scenario you sort off of that column. The issue here is Smartsheet will not continually or automatically sort. You would need to re-sort whenever rows are added.

    You could add filters to your sheet, one for each priority designation, and cycle through them.

    You could create a report off of this sheet that "groups" the different items based on their priority. You can work in reports and any changes made are reflected in the actual sheet as well.

    You could use conditional formatting to highlight rows a certain color based on the priority.

    None of these options really solve your problem directly but hopefully it gives you some ideas.


  • Razetto
    Razetto ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    @Christian Reagan I suggest using a report and have the entries grouped by priority.