Automation for Sending an Attachment


I have a SmartSheet where some rows have attachments and others do not. I would like to check a cell on specific rows and have SmartSheet automatically send an email to the contact for that row with a copy of the .pdf attachment for that row.

Specifically, I have a column entitled "send to contact" that can either be checked or unchecked. When the column is checked, I would like it to trigger sending the attachment for that row to the email address of the contact for that row.

Any suggestions?


  • KPH
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    edited 11/03/23

    Set up a new automation like this

    This means - When a row is added or changes and the "Send to contact" check box is "Checked" the automation is triggered

    Then set up the email

    This means the email will be sent to the person in a column called "Project Manager" (change the column name to your sheet).

    Then do this to ensure the message includes the attachment (this actually sends a link to download the file not an actual email attachment).

    You can then play around with the message subject and body.

    You also might want to add a date to the sheet when this is done (for your reference) and add some conditions to ensure this is only sent once and not every time the row is changed.