Correct way to hand control to 2nd person?


I recently went on leave and handed over my reporting process to an offsider. Utter disaster. I had shared all the documents and reports and given them Admin access but they ended up having to create a duplicate set, which I couldn't access unless they were shared with me.

What is the correct way to set up a process like this so that it can be run by any of the assigned people, please?


  • John C Murray
    John C Murray ✭✭✭✭

    You would normally give someone Editor access to handle reporting functions and basic editing tasks. See the list of privileges for the different types of user roles:

    Creating a duplicate set of Smartsheet objects should not have been necessary. This is usually done to fork a new version (which is exactly what happened) for making a special one off solution, or for parallel development of a new update.

    So, basically you did set up things in the right way, but maybe with too high a privilege level or with insufficient instruction for the new user.

  • Thanks, John. We will look at the process. Perhaps I need to build a new workspace that can be shared access.