Current User Filter - Help requested!

CCatAz ✭✭
edited 11/10/23 in Smartsheet Basics

Hello there! I am brand new to Smartsheet and working with one that has been well developed and is currently being used by our department, about 90 people, without any issues. Recently, I've been asked to set up a report that, when opened, it will filter for the current user. I have tried using some of the rules indicated throughout the community (created by>is one of>current user) but our trigger (Requestor email) doesn't match any that I have seen and because of that, it doesn't allow me to set the rest of the condition. Is there an expression or automation I can use in place of a filter that will capture the current user information and display only that when being reviewed? I hope I used the proper terminology and explained my issue correctly! Thanks for any help you can give me!