different thank you messages based on a selection in the form

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we want to send different Thank you message with diff information based on the selection the users make in the submission form. We have an event and the replies are

  • Attending
  • Declined
  • TBD

Based on the response, we need to send different thank yous, because we want to provide them with different information.

is it possible?

thank you!

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  • JSanita
    JSanita ✭✭✭✭
    Answer ✓

    Yup! If you start with the "Alert someone when specified criteria are met" template.

    Then select "Add a condition to filter rows"

    You'll see one condition.

    If you select the Blue plus above it, you can add a condition PATH.

    Now you can select your RSVP field. and your conditions and the action for each condition below that.