How to get the contact details for the next row using a formula?

As part of a process I am trying to populate the next person responsible for a task and send the notification to them but struggling to get teh contact details from the row below. How do I do that?


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    Can you explain further what you are trying to do?

    Do you want to copy the contact details from one row and use them in a cell in the row above, like this:

    So that you can then use the details in an automation for the top row?

    If so, the formula you need in the cell I have as Column 3, row 1 is


    If you drag this down it will become

    =Contact3 in row 2

    =Contact4 in row 3


    The row number always being 1 number higher than the row you are on.

    You will need to replace the column heading with your own heading, and if this has a space in it, use [] like:

    =[Contact Name]2